Chief Black hoof

In a lifetime that spanned over a century, from 1720 to 1831, Black Hoof  (Catahacasa) was witness to, and participant in many pivotal  events that determined the direction of the Old Northwest Territory, and in turn, that of the fledgling United States of America. An outgoing speaker, he will relate, sometimes humorously and sometimes quite emotionally, his experiences carrying him first back to the homeland of his ancestors and through many conflicts with nations seeking to drive his people from that homeland.  Hear how he sought a different path than that of the more aggressive leader, Tecumseh, and judge for yourself if his policies were more successful. You may be drawn to empathize with him as he describes his efforts to lead his people into a farming culture identical to that of their white neighbors, and you may shed a tear with him as they must face removal to the west, in spite of their successful endeavor, and the promise that they would be free to live in the Ohio country, “as long as the rivers flow, and the grass grows.”

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